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I'm passionate about the opportunity that technology provides to improve government efficiency, liberate data, and deliver better services to citizens.

I'm constantly looking for better ways to apply tech to daily life, business, and government in an impactful way.

I'm also a father, lover of sailing and the ocean, and appreciator of the arts.

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Follow me on Twitter if you like @sephcoster, laugh at my code on Github, or contact me directly - sephcoster at google's mail server domain.

Handy disclaimer: The opinions, content, and views posted on this site are my own unless otherwise attributed and do not reflect the thoughts or views of any employer, spouse, dog, or shakespeare-attempting monkey typists. Any resemblance to actual events is unintended. Any offense is likely implied, and not explicit. Use as directed. No substitutions, extensions, or refunds.


Seph Coster

Geek, father, sailor, wonk. Experienced public sector technology consultant, ocean racer, and diaper changer.

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