Long form Re-form

Since shortly after its launch, I've used Tumblr as my primary platform for getting longer-than-140-character messages out on the internet. I love the format of the Tumblog and the ease of posting (and re-posting) content, but I've found myself wanting to post more long-form original content that can exist separately from sharing my favorite parts of the web.

As a result, I've decided to move to the markdown-based Ghost platform to re-launch the Notional Defenseman as my primary home on the web and the place for original content and analysis, while my Tumblr will continue to focus on sharing the best bits I find on the web.

I look forward to the experiment, and the chance to bring more of my work to the web.


Seph Coster

Geek, father, sailor, wonk. Experienced public sector technology consultant, ocean racer, and diaper changer.

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