Forays into Data Visualization

Over the past few weeks I've attended a number of DC Data Visualization Meetups, and also worked on my own to expand my knowledge of front-end frameworks that I've wanted to work with over the past year.

A few things I've noticed coming back into the space:

  1. MUCH progress has been made in the area of front-end JavaScript APIs for visualizing data

  2. Huge leaps in mapping tools such as MapBox, Leaflet, D3js, OpenStreetMaps, and others mean that creating your own custom maps are an option, and it can be all vector rather than slippy.

  3. Client side handling of data has been greatly improved by libraries such as Crossfilter.

I still have a lot more investigation to do in the space, but also wanted to post a quick lightning talk I did on possible uses for D3 / Crossfilter.

Chart 'Magic' - Novel Tools for Data Visualization

Hopefully it's helpful for someone looking at options for client side visualization and I hope to make a few open source contributions in the near future.

Find a cool library lately that you love? Let me know in the comments.


Seph Coster

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