Breaking it Down

It's difficult to explain extremely powerful things. Most times, the explanations you see are either "look - magic!" or ten layers of understanding deeper than what you believe is possible to understand.

So, when you do see a great explanation, you remember it.

Tom MacWright, of MapBox was nice enough to give a talk on D3.js in 2013 at the DC JQuery Users Group. After working with D3 a bit more, and checking out his awesome chartpipe library, I revisited the talk.

In it, Tom breaks down the library into its core components, one by one, starting with what D3 does at the DOM level. After working with JavaScript in more depth and detail since the talk I appreciate it even more. Recommend you take a look. Here's the link.

Side note: while the DC jQuery Users Group is obviously jQuery focused, over the past couple of years it's done a great job of venturing into other libraries and frameworks as JavaScript has grown and as the maturity of the group grew into other uses for the language - much appreciation to that group and the work that's been done.


Seph Coster

Geek, father, sailor, wonk. Experienced public sector technology consultant, ocean racer, and diaper changer.

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